Mar 212018

Have just finished Laura Quigley’s highly readable South West Secret Agents: True Stories of the West Country at War. She weaves captivating threads of daring deeds that includes; “rescue operations as the exodus from France began, to the secret guerrilla army in Devon and Cornwall, this book will amaze and intrigue with the incredible stories of Jasper Lawn of N51, the Helford Flotilla and the first escape routes for POWs, agents and crashed airmen”.

Laura will be talking on the subject at Spurgeon Hall, Mutley Baptist Church, Mutley Plain, Plymouth PL4 6LB, on 24th April, 2018, 7:30pm. Free entry, donations welcome.

Aug 302011

Yesterday saw the launch of Bill Watson’s book ‘Gone To Ground’ at Duns Library in Scotland.

David Blair, our Scottish County Information Officer, gave a talk on the Auxiliary Units and the Duns Patrol.

The talks were attended by about 40 people and some of the relatives of the Duns Patrol were guests of honour.

We had hoped to broadcast the talk live on the Internet but there was a technical problem at the library which meant we were unable to make it happen.

David also left some flowers on the grave of Andrew Fortune, an Auxilier with the Duns Patrol.

Please see some of the images of the day below. The book can be bought here.