Oct 282011

You have the chance to take part in a unique event that allows you to learn more about the Auxiliary Units from the comfort of your own home.

CART is planning to hold a ‘virtual’ online conference in 2012 which will see some of the country’s leading researchers on the Auxiliary Units give talks over 12 hours.

The event will utilise simple downloadable software which will allow you to see the speaker, chat in a live chat window to them and others and view PowerPoint slides etc.

Before we can plan this event we need YOUR feedback. Please have your say about the event here

Jan 082011

Today tickets have gone on sale for our event at Tottington Manor in March this year.

There are only 50 tickets and some of these have already sold so please buy quickly if you want to come along.

The day will include at least three talks by experts, a book signing by Sussex Auxiliary author Stewart Angell, a single course lunch, a small aux shop, a virtual tour of the site and underground tunnels and demonstrations from Auxiliary Unit re-enactors ‘Behind Enemy Lines‘. More info on the day can be seen below. Whilst the day is open to all we would advise children under the age of twelve do not attend due to the nature of the talks and the fact people will be seated for some time.

The food at Tottington Manor is amazing andery filling.  We only had a small portion but we very full.

We look forward to seeing you on March 12th.

Nov 052010

Come and learn all about Winston Churchill’s Secret Army at Tottington Manor.

During WW2 Tottington Manor in West Sussex was used an important part of Churchill’s secret Auxiliary Units. The Auxiliary Units were set up to hamper a successful invasion by the German army. Seven secret bunkers exist under the manor, with tunnels and escape routes into the fields.

The Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team (CART) will be holding an open day at the Manor with talks and tours throughout the day.

Why not come along and learn more about this most secret of army?

More info can be seen here www.coleshillhouse.com and here http://www.tottingtonmanor.co.uk/