Jan 182015

Operation Turnip continued in Kent today despite poor weather. The team arrived just after 8 am at the Operational Base and started to clear away mud and brambles. We tweeted progress pictures throughout the day on Twitter which seemed very popular with our followers.



Once the entrance hatch was lifted it became apparent that water had flooded into the OB again. The good news is that it was only about a foot of water and it had entered through the ventilation pipes and not through the main structure.


The ventilation pipes were soon discovered above ground and dug out so eventually they can be made watertight.



Team two then cleared more mud and found the hatch leading down into the Escape shaft.



The scene inside the OB.


Our team are not put off by a foot of water and get stuck in.


Many many buckets later…..Note the two ventilation pipes left and right and the water tank in the middle of the room.


The job is done…..for now. Next stage will be to make the Ventilation pipes waterproof and then re-decorate.

Our thanks to Jamie Burton, Alec Warren and Ben Lewis who worked very hard today to help project leader Phil Evans. Follow the progress of this project here

Dec 232011

A document has been shown to us which we suspect was created at Coleshill.

It is very insightful and is a detailed guide on discipline in the Operational Base as well as a typical 24 hours operational activity for an Auxilier during the Winter.

A must read for any fan of the Auxiliary Units. You can see the page here. As a special Christmas treat we have also re-created it as a downloadable PDF file.

Nov 262011

CART researcher, Phil Evans has submitted two new pages of research to us for inclusion on the site.

These are the Kent’s Dymchurch and Snargate patrols. They both had code names. One was Mushroom and the other Toadstool.

You can read more about these fascinating patrols and first hand accounts of training by their Auxiliers here

Oct 222011

It has taken sometime but all the finds images from Coleshill Uncovered are now available to view on the Coleshill Uncovered website.

Please have a look through them and if you can identify any unknown items please let us know.

The full report from the week is due in early 2012. There are currently no plans for future work on site.

Jun 052011

Yesterday teams from CART and Subterranea Britannica explored the water tunnels and the cellars next to the remains of Coleshill House.

Work started at 9 am and ran till 4pm and 8 people in total took part. The purpose of the work was two fold. Firstly CART wanted to see if the cellars were used for anything during the war and they also needed to measure the complete area for their Reborn project.

Secondly Sub Brit wanted to explore the water mines and also make an assessment on their condition for the landowners, the National Trust.

Both organisations had a great day. Images and video from the day can be seen here