May 172015


Discovery Channel – Friday 22nd May 9pm.

This one-off documentary explores the secretive and strange arms race between Britain and the Nazis during WW2. 

Convinced that the path to victory lay in out gunning the Nazis but faced with limited resources, British weapon manufactures were forced to improvise. 

To combat the problem, Winston Churchill himself set-up a secret clandestine research institute, dedicated to coming up with super weapons that would give troops the edge in battle. He christened the department Military Defence 1 but it quickly becomes known as Churchill’s toyshop.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 5.20.01 amUsing rare archive and interviews, the one-off special tells the story of the department and some of the most fantastic and improbable weapons ever created. With the help of modern experts and contemporary blue prints the series will also recreate some of the lost technology. [Source: Sky]


Many items used by the Auxiliary Units were designed by Major Millis Jefferis and Stuart Macrae including the Sticky Bomb and the Pressure Switch. This can be bought in our shop.

Read our page all about the Toyshop here.

There is also a very good book on the subject called ‘Churchill’s Toyshop’ Which can be bought here. 

Feb 072013


We are pleased to say our updated Weapons & Explosives DVD is now for sale.

This unique DVD provides a detailed insight into the weapons and explosives used by Winston Churchill’s Auxiliary Unit’s as well as SOE and other units.


Operational Base – We take you on a tour into the training Operational Base (OB) at Coleshill and then a group of experts discuss how they were built etc.

Coleshill Uncovered – You can see what artifacts have been recovered in the Coleshill grounds over the years.

British Resistance in Wales – A film CART made for Abergavenny Museum which was shown in their exhibition in 2011.

‘The Garth’ – A brief tour of the birthplace of the British Resistance Movement and first Auxiliary Training Centre.

About CART – A short film explaining more about CART and it’s research.

Coleshill Underground Weekend – A taster of the September event in 2012 at GHQ Coleshill.

Read more and buy a copy here