Apr 092021

What if the Battle of Britain had not been a success? What was the plan had the Nazis successfully crossed the channel?

Museum Curator Chris Pratt talks to the HistoryHit folk. Chris packs a lot into 30 mins. Well worth a listen: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/britains-secret-army-the-resistance/id1526490428?i=1000516365466

The Museum at Parham is planning to re-open on Sunday 23rd May: www.parhamairfieldmuseum.co.uk/british-resistance-organisation/

Mar 152016

WW2 PodcastRecently our Founder was asked to conduct an interview with the WW2 Podcast about the British Resistance and our research.

The WW2 Podcast was started in 2004 and to date has had millions of downloads.

They cover many varied topics on World War Two.

You can download and listen to this here

Thank you to them for considering us and helping us spread the word.