Feb 022016

Tawstock Auxiliary Unit Patrol 4Today we have added a very detailed report on the Tawstock Auxiliary Unit Patrol in Devon.

The report has been compiled by Nina Hannaford, our Devon CIO with help by our Somerset Researcher, Chris Perry.

The report provides great insight into the men behind the patrol, their training and targets, not to mention a very unusual Operational Base.

  One Response to “Tawstock Auxiliary Unit Patrol Added”

  1. Further to your comments re training of the Tawstock section and mention that Bideford unit was not training with them, I have a diary for the year 1944 hand written by my granddad Reginald Chave Parsons of the Bideford East the Water unit which says that their unit training sessions took place at Stevenstone House, Torrington with the Americans who where billeted there, and that a film was made of them training there which was shown to their unit at Braunton on 18 November 1944, when they were disbanded. The entry reads “Evening at Braunton. Film of work done by Patrols and breaking up party”. There is also an entry for 29th Oct 1944 which reads “Sunday afternoon at Stevenstone film making”. I have never been able to find out if this film exists, as I believe that granddad is most likely in it, and would love to know.