Nov 262011

Robert Hardman writes a great article about the British Resistance in today’s Daily Mail.

He interviewed our Welsh researcher, Sallie Mogford at the Langstone Patrol’s OB and also went to the reconstructed OB at Usk castle for the images in the piece.He also talks about the film ‘Resistance‘ which was released in selected cinemas yesterday.

You can read his full article in the paper today or an online version here

  2 Responses to “The British Resistance: The true story of the secret guerilla army.”

  1. My Dad was a member of the Home guard during the war, being in a reserved occupation (steel worker).

    He mentioned his duties would include directing traffic in Clarence place Newport, but also that whilst there he would visit Headquarters, which was a pub in the Area. This intrigued me as the article says that men were recruited in a pub in Newport. My Dad died in 1970 at 57.

    I wish there was a way I could find out more.

    Best Regards

    Ken Mcloughlin

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