Sep 092009

Many people has asked me why I am running this site and what is my goal.

Firstly I want to raise awareness of the Aux Units and keep their brave training alive and in the public eye.

Secondly I want to set up a local visitors centre or museum at Coleshill itself. Ideally this would be situated in the stable block, upstairs in the old WW2 admin offices. This will not happen without considerable funding and help from the National Trust….

Thirdly I want to produce a series for television which focusses ONLY on the Aux Units. As far as I know this has never been done. If this is not an option I will produce a DVD series which can be sold online and in specialist shops.

So there you go…Not to much to ask..

I am still looking for local people to help form a “group” to meet regularly and help me with the plan.

Tom Sykes