Nov 132009

Evening all,

I need your help with something…..It has been bugging me for a few weeks now.

I saw a bunker featured on Channel 4’s “Time Team” a few weeks ago and they thought it might be connected with the Aux Units. Now with the kind support of Wessex Archaeology I have featured it on our site.

Please have a good look here and help if you can, even if it is to rule it out.

  One Response to “The Mystery Of The Shooter’s Hill Bunker”

  1. I have just watched the Time Team episode and one thing I notice that the programme ignored was on the floor and in one of their graphic representations ithey covered it over .
    Down the middle of the room was a plinth of just the right size for equipment bays ,if someone can look at it there should be a series of bolt holes in an oblong pattern about 19 to 22 inches apart .
    if there are bay mounts that suggests communications

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