Aug 222011

We have added Fritton – St Olaves & Somerleyton / Fritton Lake Patrols to our site.

They are located in Norfolk.

The info and images have been supplied by CART’s Norfolk CIO, Evelyn Simak and CART ‘s Suffolk CIO, Adrian Pye. You can see and read more on these patrols and their underground Operational Bases here

  3 Responses to “Two More Norfolk Patrols Added”

  1. My father Jack Reeman now 89 was in an auxiliary unit at Fritton lake. He started going to Fritton Lake when he was 18 and was there for 2 years before being called up to join the Navy. He was in the 202 Battalion.

  2. My granddad, William Douglas was a Sergeant in the local Home Guard. He lived in Somerleyton so I assume he was attached to that Patrol. He’d been a regular soldier from 1900-8 (19th Hussars), then on Reserve and re-called for Service in WW1. I have a photo of him taken during his time in the Home Guard.

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