Dec 012010

Last night CART members were planning to meet for their latest members meeting.

Sadly the snow stopped this happening but we had been trialing Skype’s new video conferencing service to see if someday it may replace meeting face to  face.

So last night we decided to meet virtually in a Skype video conference.  As you can see (left) we had seven of us with 4 – 5 people on video. Sadly Skype let us  down with the video side of the meeting as it could not keep up so we switched to just audio for the rest of the meeting and it worked just fine.

Using Skype meant that we could have members from all corners of the UK in one place to discuss the current topics that face CART.It also meant that  Tom could record the meeting and add it to the members page within minutes of the meeting ending for others to listen to.

Auxilier, Bob Millard was also able to join us for the first time.

CART are planning to keep this format from now on as it allows more members to take part from the comfort of their own homes.

If you are a CART member and want to be included in the next online meeting please email us for more info.

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