Jul 242015

MC Tierney No TashIt has come to our attention that a person in Hampshire known as Mike Tierney, also known as Penfold, MC Tierney, Mycroft, Coastbloke or Jeromesausage is pretending to be a CART researcher.

Image copyright to Barry James Wilson

Image copyright to Barry James Wilson

He attends WW2 re-enactment events mainly in the South and is a known fraud with a very complex and historic record. http://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/Mike_Tierney

He has told members of the public he is a CART researcher as recently as last month.

M C Tierney

He is now believed to be operating in London under the name MC Tierney and/or Mycroft Tierney and likes to frequent The Chap, New Sheridan Club and Handlebar Club where he regals all present with tales of his extensive military service.

Rather worryingly our records show that he has bought our replica Aux badges when they were first released. Based on a recent post he made on Facebook, and the fact he is a known fraudster, we would be concerned that he COULD try to pass these off as genuine badges!

We can confirm he is nothing to do with us or our research.